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Matt Bacon ''Postlude: Alone at Sea'' - the finest blend of guitar music

Matt Bacon, currently based in India, composes and plays guitar music which quite uniquely and eclectically intersects at classical, rock, folk and far-east. His recent release ''Postlude: Alone At Sea'' is not only a good representation of all the above roots, but is also a monumental example of an emotional and original piece of work.

Written for an acoustic guitar, the melody takes off gently on notes that have a strong aroma of rock with hints of medieval. While deep, contemplative bass notes support the melodic efforts of the musician, a soothing layer of water sounds backs up the entire spectrum, painting a vivid picture represented in the title. Fearless at heart, the music is naturally alarmed by the approaching storm, all the while also taken away by the magnitude and beauty of nature's will. Appropriately without a climax, the track remains gracefully afloat on a waking sea, awaiting it's fate.

Immersive, intense and picturesque - treat yourself to it at the link below:

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