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Matt Bacon ''Indian Etude in Melakarta 51 (Solo Guitar)'': tireless by nature

Matt Bacon is a guitarist who in a very short amount of time has managed to become one of our blog-favorites and an artist who's submissions we welcome with thrill and delight.

The Indian-based guitarist has returned once more, this time with a complex, skillful Indian etude. As complex as the piece may be, Matt manages to deliver the entire piece flawlessly. Retract that, 'manages' is an understatement more relevant for those who tend to conduct errors - a bar that this guitarist has long passed. Masterfully delivered, the piece grabs the listener by the core and shows no sign of letting go throughout its two-minute runtime. That's more like it. To round all that of, this stunning musical endeavor is lifted by an intimate recording technique, allowing the listener to hear the guitarist's breaths as he emotionally and effortlessly chops through complex licks and riffs.

Amazing what dedication can do, here's Matt Bacon, ladies and gents:


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