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Matt Bacon "Capricho Catalan" - a song of soft sunlight

Matt Bacon brings gives us another tenderly handcrafted musical artwork in his song “Capricho Catalan”.

This Spanish style, acoustic guitar ballad is the fourth track on his 2020 EP, Spanish Meditations and his most streamed song on Spotify. Assuring and calm, the guitar strings lead you through the luscious fields and gentle rolling hills of the friendly melody. Opening with low notes that resound in the bottom of your chest like a steady embrace, the guitar strings that lead the melody speak softly, carefully unwrapping the song and all its splendor. This composition sounds like sunshine and a gentle breeze, a cozy porch and a rocking chair, a place where time trickles slowly, passing almost unnoticed. The notes are playful, warm, and fun, unwinding in a carefree dance that blossoms and blooms. Simple in its build, the guitar alone leaves nothing to be desired as the multitude of note layers color in the entirety of the soundscape, making the song relaxing and entertaining to follow. Infectious in its beautifully memorable melody, this song will stay in your heart and mind past its three minute run time, offering a very re-playable addition to your playlist. 

Perfect for an unwinding afternoon or slow morning, listen to this light hearted piece here:  


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