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Marynka ''Sadness'' - meaningful, masterful piano

Marynka, an artist based in Netherlands, is a pianist and composer who has recently released a masterful piece of piano music entitled ''Sadness''.

While the notation of the composition may resemble music sheets of classical piano giants like Debussy and Satie, it is without a doubt an original piece of work. That originality is mostly represented in the delivery, which free of any boundaries lives out it's own, unique, fascinating yet highly comforting life. The way the artist plays with rhythm, accentuation and dynamics is no short of a work of genius and would be difficult to par with another living pianist we know of. What's even more interesting is that despite eternally elaborating on the melody, the pianist is capable of maintaining a singular mood all throughout the 7 and a half minute long composition. While some of this consistency is represented in the left hand of the pianist, it is more the intention and emotional core that we are referring to - one that is vividly present for the entire duration of this masterful piece of piano music.

We can't wait to hear more from Marynka, but for now enjoy ''Sadness'' at the link below:

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