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Martin Rott "A Geeks Lullaby": Piano and stringed instruments.

The composition "A Geeks Lullaby" belongs to multi-instrumentalist composer Martin Rott.

Born in Ohio, USA, but raised in Germany and living in Berlin, where his mother and father were classical violinists, Martin received drum lessons from the age of 6, learnt piano, guitar and bass guitar on his own, and played in school and church ensembles. He attempts to break out of the rhythmic grid and embrace the circles of life's organic complexity, combining lovingly crafted rhythms with gentle piano and vintage-style orchestral arrangements on the verge of electronica.

The beautiful composition will give you a lot of aesthetic pleasure and will add beauty and peace to your neoclassical playlist. The piano sounds very realistic, with all its creaks and key presses.

The string instruments can be heard very well too, they are very well tempered and very suitable to the melody. The composition has a very positive and powerful energetic mood! We highly recommend it for your neoclassical playlist!

You can listen to the composition at the link:


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