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Martin Kohlstedt "XEO": A friendly but hesitant character of a composition

German composer, Martin Kohlstedt, brings “XEO,” a neoclassical piece with seashore ambience.

Beckoning and curious, this piece is mellow-toned and slow, with accompaniment from the ocean waves of Denmark. The ambience in this piece is extremely relaxing and comforting without being invasive or intruding. The piece allows itself to build, rather than display all it has to offer at once. As the piece picks up, its tune is melodically soothing with everything rounded out, sharing a contrast with the cut crisp noises of the ocean and the rare bird noise or two. The notes offer a friendly tone with a hint of hesitation or shyness in their innocent but sweet aura. There is a bit of a mystical feeling or dreaminess to the piece that is only heightened by the lulling of the sea and the hush of the wind, creating a bubble of serenity.

Let Martin Kohlstedt serenade you on the shores of a Danish beach here:


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