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Martin Kohlstedt ''QUO'': a nostalgic neoclassical ode to summer

Martin Kohlstedt is a german pianist/composer who has just released the most delightful, nostalgia-infused live session.

Written around a strong classical core with undertones of folk and hints of jazz, the music swings in effortlessly on its elegant piano melody, charming the ear and soul with a delivery that's as grand, as it is personal and intimate. It is worth noting that the pianist barely uses the sustain pedal in the first movement of this composition, yet somehow creating plenty of space and continuity nevertheless. Then, past a moving intro, the music, followed by a camera takes us to a brass quartet, at which point the piece becomes no short of cinematic as well as soaked in nostalgia, evoking every memory of festivals this year that we wish had happened.

It sure seems like the lads had a blast of a get away and managed to get some universally beautiful music recorded all at once. Way to go, here's "QUO":


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