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Martin Karlsson ''The Soul of a River''

Nordic piano is just something you can't say no to and if you haven't come across it yet then - much like party drugs - it often comes in free samples to get you hooked. Unlike the cocaine or extasy, Nordic piano will not cost you a tiny fortune and won't get any of you body part limp - on the contrary, it will enrich you soul, debt-free.

"The Soul Of A River" by Martin Karlsson represents the above-mentioned scenario all too accurately. Taking off on a beautifully simple minor arpeggio, this piano composition is soon magnified by mesmerizing jazzy elaborations, which - just like any piano music coming out of Scandinavia - do carry within themselves the irresistible spirit of Jan Johansson, may his soul rest at peace. Almost two minutes long, the composition is soothing, but also teasing, promising a lot more to those who follow through.

If you haven't got you free sample of Nordic piano yet, then here you are. Beware, you will get hooked:


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