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Martin Herzberg "Home": a neoclassical blueprint of universal beauty

Martin Herzberg is one of those neoclassical artists that we should've been familiar for a long time now, but somehow we first come across now. His recent release "Home" is a universally appealing piece of music that is bound to land on your relaxing music playlists.

Confident in it's simplicity, the opening piano theme lingers much like the stars on the single artwork - bright, powerful, calm and much bigger than the human existence. Elaborating further on it's plain brilliance, the composer gradually invites orchestral elements into the spectrum, careful not to break any universal laws of beauty. Dynamically rich and complete with loads of mesmerizing detail, the arrangement hits the sweet spot between simple, brilliant ,emotional and immersive.

Pure, unforced beauty is what this piece is. Here's "Home":


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