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Marnuse x Artyom Khazov x Synekdok "samūm": How can it be?

It is time to take a minute (or two and a half) out of your day to enjoy this peculiar endeavor by Marnuse, Artyom Khazov and Synekdok. Impossible to box into any category and at the same time divinely beautiful, "samūm" is written for what sounds like guitar, piano and vocals. All three wildly alive and at the same time tranquil, the sounds collide into something that I would expect to hear in heaven, not at the gates, but further out, by that whatever apple tree, played by dorky angels but with wings so fine, nowhere else in Eden will you see such pairs.

How am I supposed to describe something which can not be? Spin it up above, you'll instantly know what I'm on about.



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