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Mark Sutton ”Quest of spirit”: A solemn musical journey

What do we listen to music for? Sometimes it is to set a vibe in the background while we occupy ourselves with something else, but other times we listen more concentrated, and that is when we can really let ourselves be moved. Mark Sutton is a British composer/pianist, and his release “Quest of spirit” seems to have a tone and quality to it, where it can really move you if you pay attention to the music.

Instrumentally, the song is a delightful little dance between a classical piano and some floating synthesizers. The synths and the piano compliments each over incredibly well, as the piano is played with thoughtfulness and the synths are neither too loud nor too low. As for the vibe, the piece has a very solemn tone to it, which can be a rare and difficult emotion to reach as a composer. It has a perfect tone for the larger-than-life moments you may experience, and I will definitely recommend this piece to anyone who feels like being dragged on for an emotionally potent, slightly melancholic, and solemn musical journey.


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