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Marius Nitzbon "Moody": A journey worthy every follower it gets.

Marius Nitzbon is a German pianist who's creations speak to us in a way that reminds us why we started this blog, namely due to pure appreciation for musicality, beauty, elegance and class - all of which are richly present in Marius's compositions.

"Moody" - much like any other track we heard from this young, promising artist - reeks of character from the early bars. The composer's approach to playing keys is a highly appealing one, all the while originality and ingenuity remain a persistent element all long the composition. Finely intersecting between classical and cinematic with subtle hints of jazz and pop, the piece captivates the listener with its confident delivery of a melody that's eclectic, fresh and highly approachable. Effortlessly stitching the bars together with a rich dynamic, the pianist exhibits musical prowess at the highest level and compositional skills worthy a score in an international film production.

We are excited to follow the journey of Marius Nitzbon as it evolves, for no doubt will it go places. Here's "Moody":


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