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Marius Nitzbon "Dancing Drops": A youthfully brilliant piano endeavor

Marius Nitzbon is German pianist/composer who has won our hearts with his youthfully bright composition entitled "Dancing Drops".

Taking off subtly on an arpeggio that the 90's kids will instantly associate with a theme song of certain blockbuster called "The X-files", the composition soon takes on it's own shape and form, all the while - and quite ironically - keeping the nostalgic element well and alive. However, despite a somewhat heavy heart, any burden is vividly overshadowed by resilience and youthful drive, both of which are ever present in this wonderful piano piece. Marius delivers a stunning performance, rich in dynamics, skill and straight up universal beauty - all of it in just over two minutes.

Click below for properly charming piano elegance delivered by handsome youth:


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