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Maria Grönlund "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful": Neo-classical Piano with a lot of Heart and Love

There are more and more new artists popping up within the pianist realm these days. One of these artist is Swedish Maria Grönlund who is a fiercely talented Pianist/Composer, we have recently discovered. She has released a new composition called "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful"; and that is the song I feel happy and thrilled to be ale to share with you today, dear readers.

The song is basically a solo piano composition with a neo-classical sound and vibe to it. The singles artwork shows a picture of what looks like mother Mary, leading ones thoughts towards religion and solemnity, and it feels reasonable to say that this solemnity is reflected in the melodies and chord progressions of the song as well. There is certainly something about the chords that will lead ones thoughts towards the bigger things in life, as they really manage to have a rare and powerful shade of bliss around them. Generally, I'd say this song is solemn and beautiful, but most importantly you can sense that it's written with a lot of heart and love.


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