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Maria Grönlund "Light Blue": a piano gem from Sweden

Swedish pianist/composer Maria Grönlund is today releasing a mesmerizing, impressionistic piano composition, accurately entitled "Light Blue", leaving us no choice but to share it with you, dear readers.

Dreamy, light and refreshing, the piece wanders in gracefully on a free form, as if scooping the perimeter before engaging in a captivating, admirable dance. Patient and picturesque, the pianist takes her time to build the piece melodically, as well as dynamically, carefully letting you in on the bars - one lovable secret at a time. Thoughtful, illusive and soaked in universal beauty, the music creates a magical moment and indulges you in it for almost four minutes, then wanders away, as blissfully as it came.

Enjoy this piano gem at the link below:


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