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Mari Sainio "Midnight": An enchanting piano ornament

It's been some time since we covered music from Finland. We can also confidently state that the wait was worth the while, as well as fully justified by this unique piano release by a Finnish composer Mari Sainio entitled "Midnight".

We have previously compared Finland to Japan and it seems our intuition hasn't failed us yet, for this composition too carries within itself the mysticism and enchanting qualities we have only been able to find in music coming out from the two above-mentioned distant countries. Illusive and hypnotizing, the track very quickly assumes a charismatic position in a universe that's rich, elaborate and mindful. The way the pianist crafts the different movements is an astounding one - despite each having unique qualities, the composed streams of music fall into each other effortlessly, much like streams of water fall into one another until they become a magnificent river. Written around a classical core with oriental and folk elements, the piece will impress both a common listener, as well as snob.

Mesmerizer to say the least. Definitely one of the most notable neoclassical piano pieces in my recent memory:


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