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Marcus Moon "Moonstruck": resilience spelled out on a piano

Marcus Moon is a Canadian pianist/composer who's most uplifting, moving creation entitled "Moonstruck" we are excited and happy to share with you today.

Essential from the first notes, the calming, elegant melody is soaked in thought and understanding, as much as it is loving and forward-oriented. Resolving gracefully around it's classical core, the composition is as universal as any creation of the classical titans of the past. Moving on to a minor-key, the pianist reassures the listener in his intelligence and a broad understanding of the nature of life, which may at times be a handful. Then, in the most delightful of ways, the piece returns to it's main theme, screaming resilience, courage and goodness under the soft, gently played keys.

Finally, all of this magnificent musical endeavor is accompanied by the coolest, visually rich and coherent music video. Do not let this one pass you by, dear readers:


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