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Marco Lucci "stArlight": Neoclassical ambient beauty.

Marco Lucci is an Italian pianist and composer who expresses his essence and his most spontaneous emotions through the piano, an instrument chosen by the composer as an expressive medium par excellence; to evoke and embody in concrete form his own melancholic and intimistic nature. He expresses himself through a minimalist piano language, in an understated and melancholic dialogue between fragments of timid melodic eloquence and warm and enveloping tonal harmonies, always dedicated to finding subtle and never predictable solutions. He is constantly searching for the right balance of sound, even using dialogic piano overlays that merge osmotically and organically into symbiotic musical forms, generating polyrhythmic worlds of shimmering and misty sadness.

Marco Lucci presents his new neoclassical work "stArlight" today. The work has been written with such mastery that every note sounds completely natural and organic, creating stunning harmony. The composition built gradually, gradually building up and developing, immersing the listener in a deep musical immersion.

Overall, I can't say enough good things about this piece. "stArlight" is created with such creative inspiration that it will stay in my memory forever, and you'll have to listen to it more than once to realize its depth. I recommend all music lovers to listen to this work and enjoy its beauty and harmony.

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