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Marc Méan "Basteln": A beautifully intense neoclassical endeavor.

Marc Méan, who's a Swiss neoclassical/ambient composer, came to our attention with a recently released, intricately produced and a soothingly intense tune entitled "Basteln".

The music takes no time at all to set the mood - it's murky soundscape descending on the listener with the early bars. While a hypnotizing, repetitive piano note stitches the entirety of the movement together, the composer indulges the listener in a rather elaborate and captivating journey, making great use of both analog sounds, as well as a contemplative piano melody element, one which seems to be living out it's own bittersweet life throughout the duration of the track. All of this is beautifully balanced and colored with bass, sfx and mesmerizing synth scoops.

Ideal for meditation, invoking or just to pass some time. Let it in:


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