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Manoel Tosto "Tyngdkraft": Pure delight meets tasteful guitar on a playful avenue.

Manoel Tosto is a new, peculiar (in a good way!) name from Brazil who's guitar driven charmer of a tune entitled "Tyngdkraft" we are happy to present to you today.

Starting off with what sounds like a chicken, the piece instantly charms the listener with its humor. Followed swiftly by the smoothest of melodies played on a Spanish guitar, the arrangement stands a strong one from the get go, complete with accompaniment of one more guitar and a double-bass. Intertwining brilliantly with each other the two guitars create a strong momentum which confidently takes the listener to a well-balanced climax, featuring a percussive element. The whole tune is in fact so picturesque, I was surprised to find myself in my room and in this body when it all ended. I'm all good now, much as I would be more than ok with finding myself on a sunny beach instead.

Playful, musically rich and delivered with taste and effortlessness. Enjoy:


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