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Magda Maria "Weeping Willow": Piano of the highest quality.

Magda Maria is a musician of Polish origin, working in a variety of styles. Her solo arrangements include classical piano instruction, jazz and American songbook studies, as well as genres of music from around the world - all of which have inspired and influenced her unusual sound.

Introducing her latest track, entitled "Weeping Willow".

It's a light, almost weightless tune played on the piano that lasts only two minutes and twenty-six seconds, but in that short space of time manages to fully unfold and show all its grandeur and beauty. It fits harmoniously into any setting and under any listener, finding the shortest route to their heart. The composer demonstrates not only virtuoso mastery of the instrument, but also high compositional ability, skilfully constructing the melody so that it touches the most important corners of our souls!

"Weeping Willow" will fit perfectly into your neo-classical piano playlist and take pride of place there. Spotify link:


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