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Lyrac "the flowing of water 2": Аustere neoclassical.

Updated: Feb 28

Lyrac is a project by composer Yutaka Yanagi. The project's music has been featured four times on Ryuichi Sakamoto's "J-WAVE RADIO SAKAMOTO" radio. Wrote music for PR videos of fashion brand "COMME des GARCONS" and Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo "ha-ha 19AW collection".and brands "Tokyo Sandal" 20SS PR video, "ROLLING DUB TRIO" 20FW PR video. And "Maps" which is a fashion magazine based in Korea. Performed live on Dommune "Modern Noise Evolution". Dommune is a streaming media in Tokyo dedicated to underground culture.

"the flowing of water 2" perfectly combines elegance and atmosphere, creating a unique musical experience for the listener. The work has a very serious tone. Neoclassical elements such as strings and piano combine seamlessly with ambient sounds to create a deep and multifaceted soundscape. At the centre of the picture is an unchanging note pattern that lasts throughout the composition, while the rest of the clavier and string music seems to revolve around and lead the listener through the plot of the composition. The rhythmic and harmonic progressions in the piece combine with exquisite and beautiful melodic lines to create a complex but surprisingly coherent sonic palette. The neoclassical elements in the music add traditional charm and harmony, while the ambient sounds create a sense of immersion in a mystical world.

"the flowing of water 2" showcases the talent and creativity of composer Yutaka Yanagi. I highly recommend this work to all music lovers who want to hear beautiful, emotionally rich music.

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