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Lynn Tredeau x Mathew Joseph "Sandhya": Piano and guitar by professionals.

The incredible duo of Lynn Tredo and Matthew Joseph with the composition "Sandhya" .

The combination of piano and classical guitar work beautifully together to create harmonious and beautiful music. A very subtle and refined melody that these two masters were able to create with the skillful use of instruments to achieve such a unique atmosphere. I particularly enjoyed Matthew Joseph's guitar playing. The composers used a technique of understated and delicate sound that brought intimacy and tenderness to the music. The combination of the guitar playing with the sound of the piano created a beautifully layered sound that allows the composition to open up and fill the space.

The work with melody and harmonies is also superb. Particularly appealing is the composers' ability to create interesting and appealing harmonies that are rich in a variety of tonal colours and tones."Sandhya" will leave all listeners with a wonderful aftertaste and they will want to listen to it again and again.

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