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Luca Patrone "Good Morning Milano": Good Morning To You Too, Artist.

Luca Patrona is an Italian artist we are slowly but surely becoming familiar with, each next of his piano compositions falling deeper into our hearts.

This recent release entitled "Good Morning, Milano" is a wonderfully ornamental piano piece, quite accurately serenading the architectural and cultural richness of the famous Italian city. Confident and free, the piece quite literally reports what it sees as it continues to move around the elegant corners of the city it serenades. It is quite astounding what the composer managed to achieve with just a piano under his fingers and five minutes on his clock. Effortlessly elaborating on its playful ornamental melody, the composer translates the honest awe delivered by the sights into one of the most charming neoclassical pieces in my recent memory.

Take a walk in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth at the top of this article, you'll love it.


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