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LP Duo ''Lemon, Honey, Ginger (Unplugged Pt. 1)'' - an elegant piano duet

Piano duets can be overwhelming sometimes, but LP Duo seems to have found the common understanding necessary to deliver a track played on not one, but two keyboards.

Classical at it's core, the composition begins undemanding, with a simple melody and a distant sound of the shimmering suspense pedals. Before too long, the track takes off on a crescendo into a nerve-wrecking climax, where the melody is being amplified on octaves, all the while each bar remains dynamically rich, almost blowing the listener off their feet like a powerful storm, or a dramatic event. Ending elegantly on another - more gentle - elaboration of the main theme, the track checks out without a warning, leaving you with the sound of your heartbeat and your breath.

Unpretentious and just complex enough to impress a snob, but not too complex to scare off a casual listener, check it out:


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