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Louis-Étienne Santais "Augustines" - a curiously passionate piano tune

Louis-Étienne Santais is a composer, producer, and self-taught pianist from Quebec City who has just released this soothing piano composition entitled "Augustines". “

Augustines” is youthful in its notes that dance off of the piano keys, soft and light with questioning undertones of fresh innocence. With the melody clear and defined, the notes progress in a rhythmic way that feels as if the piano is speaking to you through its notes. The piece is contemplative and wondering as the notes climb like branching thoughts. This song is rich in its delicate passion, portrayed in a subtle feeling of somber longing. Sweet and careful, this song is loving, as it radiates warm undertones. Easy to digest and follow, perfect for a background listen or unwinding and recentering. Simply beautiful and relaxing, this piece will bring you joy and a settling happiness. 

Listen to this composition of wonder and beauty here:


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