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Lorenzo Lugari ''Cosmic Corners'' - an illusive ambient journey

Lorenzo Lugari, who's a composer/producer from Italy has recently released the most captivating piece of ambient music, which doesn't only live up to every standard, but reaches beyond them too.

Ambient down to it's core this song feels and acts like the most soothing sonic breeze. Soaked in love and light, each sound serenades the beauty of nature and of all small things, reminding us that the happiness is always within us, waiting for us to tap into it. Patiently expanding, the composition invites more mesmerizing drones and a distant string-section, along with a wide array of sparkling, crisp backing sounds. Accompanied by a music video showcasing the most beautiful landscapes of rural areas, this artistic endeavor will get you back in touch with nature and yourself in an instant.

Enjoy, as if you had a choice:


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