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Logan Child ''Thankful to Go to Work, Thankful to Leave'' - an intense and immersive piece

Logan Child, who has once before been featured on our blog, returns with another piece of ambient/neoclassical music intricately entitled ''Thankful to Go to Work, Thankful to Leave''.

Being an original, unbiased thinker, the artist has the capacity to pull the listener into a desired paradigm with a slight of hand. Supported by a crisp ambient background, the elongated, deep piano notes feel like supernovas, imploding in front of your very eyes, in a universe that is as beautiful as it is brutal and relentless - a part of which you are too. Patient, intense and eerie with it's dreaminess the piano eventually reaches the right side of the keyboard, inviting a few earthly thoughts, but soon returns back into it's timeless, universal spectrum.

Feels like diving deep upwards, check it out:

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