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Lodesa "From Barren Ground": Music made by the hands of a loving father.

Father of two children, a dream and a beautiful musician under the pseudonym Lodesa presents us his wonderful composition called "From Barren Ground".

The idea of the work is revealed, it seems, in every phrase. Unusually light, but at the same time deep melody travels through the epochs and encourages to think about time and its endless flow in the mind. The composition lasts only two minutes and six seconds. The melody develops throughout the timing and flows calmly like a river. The craftsmanship is incredible - each note sounds like a crystal clear drop of water falling on a mirrored surface. Each chord is like a masterpiece brought to life in the hands of an artist. Lodes' hands are like weavers creating an airy canvas of sounds.

The composition will give you aesthetic pleasure and a sea of positive emotions and vibrations that promote peace and relaxation.

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