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Lise Jonsson Floating: For piano lovers.

"Floating" is taken from the mini album "Elements Of Piano and Nature" by Norwegian composer Lise Jonsson.

She learned to play the piano by ear when she was seven years old. She composed her first piano piece at the age of twelve. She started composing regularly in 2015 as therapy after a long illness. Composing and nature are what give her the most energy in her daily life. Much of her music is inspired by the forest near her home. She goes to the forest almost every day with her dog.

This sensitive piano work leaves a pleasant aftertaste. It lifts you high into the clouds and doesn't let go, gently holding your hand and taking you deeper and deeper into a world of music, comfort and peace. As an accomplished composer, Lisa knows how to captivate the listener and not let them get bored for a second. Be sure to add this wonderful composition to your playlist!

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