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Lisa Cullum "Leaving" - a dynamic composition of overwhelming beauty

UK-based artist, Lisa Cullum, brings us an orchestral artwork with “Leaving”.

With many movements, tones, and evolutions, this orchestral piece starts with but a small flicker of sound from the piano, chime-like elements, and a dreamy, mysterious ambiance - light, carefree, hopeful and wishing. The strings make their appearance a bit more grandeur with a hovering presence and accompanying piano notes that are bolder than the piano introduction in the opening. Adding strengthening string and sweet piano notes, the song's aura grows and builds. Exclaimed by brief and heavy percussive elements, this composition earns itself a hefty and handsome, full-sounding body to its sonic characteristics. Gently bringing you on a fun, encouraging musical journey of incredible willpower and growth, “Leaving” places you down swiftly and smoothly just after it has lifted you to its highest peak. This gentle giant of a remarkably crafted piece will be a frequent hit on your music rotation with its uniquely special and memorable presence and impeccable performance. 

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