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Lewis Bolland "Senza"& "Breathe": Two masterpieces in one.

Introducing two tracks by the same composer, Lewis Bolland, called "Senza" and "Breathe". They are part of one single entitled "rest. volume 1".

Lewis is a Berkshire-based professional pianist with a wealth of experience in creating warm and elegant atmospheres for all occasions and settings, including weddings, private dinners, ships, luxury hotels and corporate events. His carefully selected repertoire spans many genres and consists of contemporary classics, chart hits, TV and film soundtracks including arrangements for Bridgerton, La La Land and Love Actually.

The composition "Senza" is a tranquil, peaceful piano piece, performed by the hands of a professional and possessing an incredible beauty and story that each listener will see in their own way. Lewis masterfully combines exquisite harmonies and subtle melodies in this piece, creating a musical landscape that seems filled with light and peace. The composition lasts almost 3 minutes, but throughout it continues to evolve, encompassing an ever-widening range of emotions and feelings. You can listen to "Senza" and make sure of our words by following the link:

"Breathe" is the third track on the single "rest. volume 1". It perfectly completes the emotional message of the three-part single. It has a more confident melody, its melody as a "conclusion". It's not just music - it's a guiding star in a world of inner experiences, where each note seems to touch the deepest corners of our souls that Lewis Bolland was able to reach. Follow the link and listen to this incredible composition:


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