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Lauge x Matt Tondut x Antarctic Wastelands ”Before you Wake”: Meditative and stunningly natural

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The danish electronic composer Lauge, the Australian composer Matt Tondut, and the Hong Kong based composer Antarctic Wastelands have recently stuck their heads together, and won our hearts over with their latest collaborative release ”Before you Wake”

The song is a slow, fluent, and last but not least smooth piece of ambient drone music. As the title implies, the song is perfect for deep sleep, and though the piece is clearly created by composers who specializes in electronic music, it still subtly makes the sounds seem stunningly natural, and thereby manages to create a sort of comprehensive soundscape that is as meditative as it is interesting to listen to. There are no major gimmicks going on compositionally, but at the same time there is really no need for it. The only thing I’m hearing is three composers that I’d very much like to hear a collaboration from again in the nearest future.

If you want to let go for a moment, put this on and let the music move you:


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