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Lauge ''Grib Mig (Remix by We Dream of Eden)'' - pure ambient/neoclassical mastery

Lauge is a Danish ambient composer/producer who has a life-long experience in his craft and appears to be the Nordic go-to-guy for many when it comes to ambient, drone, soundscape type of music in particular. His recent release ''Grib Mig'' (translated from Danish, that would be ''Catch Me'') speaks volumes for his reputation.

This ambient/neoclassical composition featuring beautiful intertwining elements of symphonic orchestra and ambient/synth waves is cinematic to say the least. With piano seemingly at the forefront, the melodic ideas are gracefully signified and supported by choir, strings and deep moving string-like bass. Also, if dynamics was a currency then this number would be no short of filthy rich - the song is always swinging, moving and swirling, all of it's pieces working together in a mesmerizing agreement to create beauty.

Unwind, dear readers, unwind to this beautiful creation:

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