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Kristopher Carter "Autumn Ruminations": A cinematic masterpiece

Just when I think I heard it all and can no longer be overly impressed, I always get put right into place by another composition that blows my mind right out. Kristopher Carter's "Autumn Ruminations" has had exactly that effect on me, humbling my persona all the while moving me in a way that only a master's work can do.

Taking off on an arpeggio driven string section, the lead is soon taken over by the most captivating, picturesque piano melody. Already there the composition is screaming grandeur and lifelong experience, it's detail and arrangement simply flawless. While the composer lends the main theme to other instruments, the piano remains ever present, toggling between intricate counts and phrases, making the entirety of the experience ever so immersive. It is really amazing what the composer managed to achieve in just three-and-a-half minutes of the track's runtime - we are talking multiple vivid movements, swift dynamic changes and an expansive use of orchestral instruments, all the while keeping the experience dense and down to the point.

Mesmerizing, professional, grand - Hollywood, can you hear this?


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