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Kjetil Jerve "Jon Eirik": Scandinavian charm at it's finest.

Norway along with the rest of Scandinavia has long been known to produce some mighty fine neoclassical and ambient music, a pattern which Kjetil Jerve continues with his recently released piano gem entitled "Jon Eirik".

Swinging elegantly on a delightful melody, the composition immerses the listener with its feather-light delivery and a captivating momentum. The strength of the momentum is owed up to the intricate relationship between the left and right hands, with the melody falling neatly between the accompaniment notes. Having established the piece as an eternal engine of tranquility, the composer allows for beautiful elaborations to happen, ones that are notable but not distracting in their core.

Put your hands together for another prime addition to our Scandinavian neoclassical collection:


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