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Kjell Sønksen "A Place To Be": At the edge of cinematic.

Before we enjoy some peaceful music, I would like to draw yours, dear reader, attention to the destructive, murderous evil unleashed by Putin on the free world. Ukraine is currently shielding the rest of the world with courage, but also - unfortunately - innocent blood. Blood of not only thousands of troops and grown civilians, but also infants - over 100 children dead and over 800 injured - to be more specific. We at MDWYS, encourage you to show all and any support you can, be it monetary or informative to our war-ridden brothers and sisters. Here are some links you may find useful:

Much as I don't subscribe to cinematic music with too much melancholic drama, or overtly dramatic war-drums, I do enjoy a finely balanced piece of music with some feels to it, such as this recently released piano gem by Kjell Sønksen "A Place To Be".

Telling and fulfilling the composition rests on a strong melodic core, a subtle but present dynamic and a delivery that's no short of excellent. The composer does show musical prowess in a swift modulation down the middle of the track, then - just as swiftly - returns to the main theme, beautifully elaborating on its core.

Enjoy it up above.


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