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Kirsten Agresta Copely ''Winter's Bone'' - meditative masterful harp music

Kirsten Agresta Copely is a well renowned harpist from USA, who has recently released a mesmerizing piece called ''Winter's Bone''.

Not just masterfully played, the release also presents with itself a highly intricate production - one which creates immense amounts of space. Patient beyond any words, the artist tells a complex and inviting story, allowing the listener to appreciate every note and phrase as they are set afloat into the infinity of the universe. The harp is played with immense attention to detail and while the composition doesn't feature many technical chops, it is evident that the artist has mastered her instrument many times over, embracing every single pluck of the strings as if it was her last one ever.

Perfect for meditation, as a guide to sleep or just a lovely afternoon in your backyard. Enjoy:


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