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KIN CAPA "Hollywood be continued...": Liberty spelled out on a banjo

What would be the ultimate location for recording a soundtrack to a film? How about right underneath the H of the Hollywood sign? That is where KIN CAPA, an American multi-instrumentalist recorded a madly enchanting tune you're about to hear.

Written for banjo and banjo only, the music - as soothing as it is - is packed with nerve. Rooted in folk with oriental/medieval undertones threaded into the melody, the music assumes the whole of our existence at large and deliberately infuses it with an overdose of liberty. Picturing the artist playing this charmer of a tune underneath a sign that in a lot of ways represents capitalism and an industry that is notorious for all kinds of misdeeds - the music becomes ever more liberating and carefree. As if all of that wasn't enough, the experience is enriched by a background of live nature sounds from the very location, adding to the already soul-stirring amounts of intimacy and goodness prevalent in this song.

Liberating - is how we like our banjo:


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