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Kimihiro Yasaka 八坂公洋 "On a Rainy Night": can you play it backwards, master?

When was the last time you were impressed? Worry no more, because you're about to. Kimihiro Yasaka from Japan has clearly been practicing every minute of his waking hour to not only have you enchanted, but wooed as well.

His recent release entitled "On A Rainy Night" is a masterful, eclectic, dynamically rich piano piece exhibiting mastery of the instrument along with the pianist's emotional delivery. Gentle to begin with, the piece patiently evolves with melodic, rhythmic and harmonic elaborations, all too complete into an absolutely mind-blowing piano experience filled with intrigue, elegance, passion and beyond. Good for all walks of life, this piece is both a charmer of an introduction to those unfamiliar with the genre, as well as a slap in the face to the highest snobriety of the neoclassical community.

Question is, can Kimihiro Yasaka play the whole thing backwards?:


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