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Kiavi "Greeneyes": a colourful and cosy experience

Free-spirited American artist, Kiavi, finds himself experimenting between the lines of genres and the ordinary to present “Greeneyes”.

Calming bird noises introduce the piece before the notes slowly begin to fall into the piece. Mellowing and relaxing, the tune is comforting and unraveling with its bell-toned, round notes that lull the listener in relaxation with its gentle melody. The vocals present a soft-toned voice, soon paired with additional vocals that coexist without a full blend, allowing distinction between the two that only enriches the vocal sound as a whole. The lyrics are charming and the vocals are warming in their raw and vulnerable nature, providing an element of intimacy and genuineness. Expressive and free in its solo of passion and love, the trumpet makes a welcomed appearance, giving the piece that extra something. Sweet, mellow, cosy, and carefree, this piece feels bite-sized while delivering a big, feel-good musical treat.

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