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Keys To Motion "Draw the Wind": The good kind of cinematic.

This is a reminder that the war in Ukraine has not ended. Russian terrorist state continues to strike civilians with artillery and missiles on a daily basis for five months now, resulting in deaths of thousand of innocent people, amongst them over 400 children.

Please continue to show all and any support that you can, here are some links that you may find helpful:

It is not often I'll follow through with a cinematic piece of music - if you've tried to submit your music to our blog, you'll know. Then again, I don't believe there's anything innately wrong with cinematic music, it is only that it's the genre that is quite easily misunderstood and thus abused.

Keys to Motion from Sweden is an outfit that reminded me how elegant and classy the genre can be in an effort entitled "Draw The Wind". Beautifully arranged for piano and strings the piece carries a conventional classical core with two main themes supporting each other in and out.

Not overdone, but also not compromised the music swings and liberates with each bar that follows - listen up above.


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