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Kevin Scott Davis x Maciej Sadowski x Glowworm "Bear Cub": the return of the ambient dream-team

Previously featured on our blog, Kevin Scott Davis seems to have a rich network of neoclassical and ambient artists and utilize that network too - richly.

"Bear Cub" is a masterful, cinematic collaboration between the aforementioned Kevin and Maciej Sadowski (PL) along with Glowworm (US) exploiting the finest of the ambient and neoclassical genres and putting them together into a bullet-proof, immersive and crisp musical endeavor. Featuring strings, guitar and synth, the composition may appear eclectic, but very soon and even more evidently has a strong neoclassical/folk core to it. Dramatically delivered string arrangement is a cinematic one, while the drones hug the composition in glowing arms, all of which makes you wonder whether you have already heard this in one of the HBO series, or the like.

Proper, knowledgeable, cinematic neoclassical music - that's how we love it:


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