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Kevin Scott Davis x Asia Dojnikowska x Glowworm ''Psalm'' - an ambient prayer

Spearheaded by Kevin Scott Davis, who seems to have a special place in his heart for collaborations, ''Psalm'' is a loving, caressing ambient ode to tranquility, complete with musical inputs from Asia Dojnikowska (PL) and Glowworm (US).

With synth-drones reminiscent of a church organ, the music seems to carry within itself a spirit of a prayer. This very tranquil soundscape is then intricately beautified by a piano bit which sounds and feels like crystal clear drops of water. The composition gently evolves and intensifies, although very careful not to disrupt the peace, which has now fully dominated the room and the soul.

Wonderfully produced, soaked in light and grace, here's ''Psalm'':


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