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Kevin Keller "The Forgotten Places": travel to your innermost subconscious

Experienced in neo-classical, ambient, and electronic music, American composer, Kevin Keller, has crafted his “ambient chamber music” style through acoustic piano, strings, and woodwinds with flare from synthesizers and electronic effects to bring us “The Forgotten Places,” a track inspired by his heart being stopped as part of his heart surgery.

With an attention grabbing opener of a ringing sound, this piece holds your attention from the very first second with bell-like sounds before the song begins to come into full bloom. The piece is fun, carefree, and strikingly beautiful in its trilling piano note melody. As the ambience bustles of indistinct noises in the backdrop, the song shows a multi-dimensional texture. A bit alarming in a striking way, this piece boasts an interesting element of suspense and a sprinkle of seriousness while harbouring an undertone of peace in the twinkling notes and hopeful chirps. With a sound equivalent to breathing, it’s hard not to notice your own as you listen along. Fast-paced with every intricacy in place, nothing is left to be desired in this unique piece that manages to string together many elements in a very functional end result that is nothing short of enthralling.

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