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Kepa Lehtinen "Nowhere": High-end neoclassical featuring what may be an actual ghost.

Kepa Lehtinen is a Finnish neoclassical composer who's recently released, mystifying composition "Nowhere" we are listening to today.

Composed with intent, the piece at once pulls the listener into its picturesque, somewhat eerie universe. With a piano melody that's as light and elegant as it is dramatic and the most intricate backing instrumentation - which may as well be an actual weeping ghost - the immersive quality of this composition is undebatable. I found myself everywhere from a haunted house, through wonderlands and onto the middle of nowhere while listening to this imaginative musical masterpiece.

Whether or not mr. Lehtinen summons spirits next to his neoclassical endeavors, I am a fan from this day on. Here's "Nowhere":



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