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Kepa Lehtinen "In The Heart Of Winter, Pt.2": The strings create an atmosphere .

The composition "In The Heart Of Winter, Pt.2" by Kepa Lehtinen is brought to your attention. He is a 51-year-old musician from Finland who has become known for his unusual style of modern classical composition. What sets him apart from other musicians is his love for the terem, a gesture-driven electronic instrument with an otherworldly sound.

The composition is built around piano and strings and lasts only two minutes and fifteen seconds. It is the second composition from the album In The Heart Of Winter. The album contains a total of seven compositions. The composition keeps the listener in a slight tension created by the strings. The atmosphere of mystery, something otherworldly. In some moments the melody is even frightening. It would be a perfect soundtrack to some detective series. In general, the work is very interesting and multifaceted. I'm sure that every listener will find something in it, something for himself, something that others haven't seen or heard. But no matter how you look at this composition, you will see it as a masterpiece.

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