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KenjyoChiba&YUASA "Repel": Kitsch alert!

This here is something a little different, dear readers. Before I go any further, I feel it's necessary to say that what you're about to hear does not define our blog's musical preference, or direction, but sometimes - when it's kitsch enough - we can't help ourselves.

There's just something about kitsch art that speaks to all of us. It's grim grotesque purposeful poor taste carries within itself healing powers, embracing the feeling of irrelevance that is an inveitable coming and going part of our existence and turning it into blatant, nonchalant, charming art. KenyoChiba&YUASA embrace the aforementioned irrelevance in the kitsch-est of ways in their recent release "Repel". I won't dare describing the music as not to anger the gods of kitsch, but do listen and view - it is something else. We read that the lyrics of the song, loyal to its title, are having an attempt at repelling the negative energy that has been making it's way in into our domain during this bizarre year and quite frankly - after numerous ineffective ways we've seen - I give this one a lot of hope.

Go away pandemic, go away fear, kitsch repel you! Once and for all!


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