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Karl Hugo "Your Last Kiss": we can imagine how a last kiss would feel. This is how it would sound.

Karl Hugo is a Canadian neoclassical composer who's talent has not gone unnoticed by CNBC, Disney, Fox and other major networks he has written scores for. His recent release ''Your Last Kiss'' is a highly emotional composition embracing sensitivity, momentum and naturally - musicality.

Intense and moving, the piece rolls in on fast-pacing piano soon joined by an invoking, thoughtful cello bass line. Unstoppable by birth, the track embraces the moment it was given, much like one would embrace a last kiss from a loved one. Expanded by a percussion section, the music reaches its first peak, then retreats back into its originally gentle domain. The composition, which now is now officially soaked in inspiration and feeling, continues to revolve around a rich dynamic spectrum towards an graceful, wonderfully overwhelming closure.

This is emotional intensity translated to neoclassical at its finest, dear readers. If you're sensitive and into neoclassical, then this is your daily meal:


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