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KALMO "Surrender to the Now (Für Catarina)": Did someone say Neoclassicool?

KALMO is a Canadian neoclassical group who's well refined and crisp recent release "Surrender to the Now" we are delighted to present to you today.

Immersive and soothingly intense, the music wanders in on a light, lingering drone followed by a fast-paced, meditative guitar. Clearly dealing with original thinkers, the listener is pulled into a mystical universe, one which celebrates light, but is also well aware that its existence is only possible as long as its adversary - darkness - is around. Elaborating further with a fine array of classical instruments, the creators of this piece exhibit deep connection to music and universal beauty, as well as detachment from cliches and common expectations.

Captivating, thoughtful and blunt cool. Neoclassicool is how we like our neoclassical alright:


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